Exclusive Interview with DIKPAL KARKI – Mister Global Nepal 2016

Dikpal Karki a Model and an Actor will Represent Nepal at MISTER GlOBAL 2016 IN THAILAND.

Following is the conversation we had with him ahead of Mister Global Pageant and it seems he is determined to do well and Make Nepal proud internationally.


Dikpal Karki – Mister Global Nepal 2016

Q 01) How does it feels to represent Nepal at Mr Global 2016?

Answer –  It feels really great to represent my country internationally , it was my dream since I started my modeling career in 2009, it took almost 7 years to achieve my this dream so i am excited and feeling really great to get this opportunity to be in global platform as ambassador of my country.

Q 02) What do you think will help you stand out in Thailand during Pageant?

Answer – Each contestants will come up with their their own strength and uniqueness so I will also try to remain real me with my own strengths and qualities, without any extra pressure to be like someone else will keep me stand out among the contestants.

Q 03) You have been acting / Modeling in the past, How do you think will help you during Pageant?

Answer – Its been almost 7 years I m professionally working as a model and actor so I m quiet familiar with the various aspects of the modeling acting activities , also been the winner of some National pageants as as well so I m quite familiar with some aspects of pageants also so it will be easier to understand various aspects and complication but I m totally raw for the international pageant but I hope previous experiences will help me to stand out.
Q 04) How do you keep yourself fit?

Answer –  I m in a profession which demands fitness so I start my day with workout I go to gym on regular basis but i don’t like heavy workout at gym to avoid looking like bodybuilder besides that I m a dance lover too which also helps me to stay fit.


Dikpal Karki – Mister Global Nepal 2016

05) Do you follow any special Diet plan?

Answer – There is no any particular diet plan which I follow, I just try to eat healthy but I try to include green vegetables on my diet and I drinks lots of water besides that I try to avoid oily foods as much as I can but our Nepalese Cuisine contain lots of oils .
Q 06) Can you give us slightest hint of the wardrobe that you will be using in Thailand.

Answer – I am trying to include Nepalese fabric and designs in my wardrobes . I am trying to give Nepalese touch in contemporary way in my most of the outfits.
Q 07) Any Message for Your Fans and Fellow candidates.

Answer – For my well wisher I would like to say please stay connected with me during my journey MISTER GLOBAL 2016 and keep encouraging and supporting me And to fellow contestants I just want to say I am very much excited to meet u all guys. we will have a blast together.
Q 08) Any messages for TITAN MALE GODS.

Answer – TITAN MALE GODS  thank you for considering that I can be featured on your site. It Is my first interview as a contestant of MISTER GLOBAL 2016 so thank you very much and wish to have your support throughout my journey Of MISTER GLOBAL 2016.

Thank you Dikpal for you Time. You are an amazing Delegate who looks good, talk wisely and is committed to what he does. We wish you all the best for the pageant and your future. It was really a pleasure talking to you.


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