Mister Global 2016 First Official HOT PICKS

Mister Global 2016, the third edition of Mister Global pageant, will take place on May 6th, 2016 at the Chiangmai Hall, Chiangmai, Thailand. Nguyễn Văn Sơn, Mister Global 2015, will pass on the title to his successor at the end of this event.

Meanwhile, we Present our first HOT PICKS for the pageant.


PicsArt_05-04-2016 03_13_07 PM (2)

Mister Global 2016 – First HOT PICKS – FAVOURITES for the Title

1. BRAZIL – Giba Pignatti
2. SPAIN – Chema Malavia
3. PUERTO RICO – Dexter Colón
4. CZECH REPUBLIC – Tomáš Martinka
5. NEPAL – Dikpal Karki
6.  MYANMAR – Linn Maung
7. VENEZUELA – Jose Gil
8. MALAYSIA – Asyraf Nordin
9. THAILAND – Thawatchai Jaikhan
10. VIETNAM – Nguyen Phuc Cuong
11. USA – Leaon Gordon
12. PANAMA – Jesús Linares

At this initial stage We Feel Mr Brazil Giba is the One to beat, He has An attractive personality and an undeniable charm. He is closely followed by Mr Spain, Puerto Rico and Czech Republic. All of them are physically very strong and Can give a tough fight to Mr Brazil. Mr Nepal is someone who fits the image of Former Mr Global and he completes our TOP 05.

HOWEVER, It’s still early days and thing can drastically change.

Do You Like our choices ??


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