Exclusive Interview with Chema Malavia MISTER GLOBAL SPAIN 2016


Following is the conversation we had with Mister Global Spain 2015 which suggests that he is very smart, intelligent, hardworking and hence one of the favourites for the title this year.

Q 1) How does it feels to be called as A frontrunner as you are preparing for Mister Global 2016?

Answer – It make me happy and  help me to trust myself More and gives me energy to continue with the hard workout and diet.

Q2)  How Exited are you to Represent Spain in THAILAND??

Answer – I do not believe it yet, I never had the opportunity to participate in an event of such importance and this keeps me happy and very attentive.

Q3) Are you following your Regular Workout Routine or is there any thing special keeping the pageant in Mind?

Answer – when I get the news that finally would participate in Mister Global 2016 decided to add more training to increase physical endurance to be agile in any physical challenge that I  may face in the contest.



Q4) Who do you think is going to be your biggest competitor in Thailand??

Answer – To be honest, I don’t know at this point of time,  I have came across other candidates through photos I have seen at the social networking sites, and that is not enough to determine who will be the strongest opponent, I am sure all have very good things to prove and it will be a tough contest.

Q5) Fans are loving your recent shoots by Marcos Domingo Sánchez. What was your reaction when you saw the pictures first?? And how was the shooting experience?

Answer – I am very surprised by the anger they have caused, and also very happy. The shooting experience was good and it’s always a great pleasure to work with professional photographers and when it was Marcos Domingo Sanchez, A good friend of mine, it was more Fun and existing.

6)  If given an opportunity which celebrity will you take with you for a holiday trip?

Answer – For me the biggest celebrities are my most immediate family members, so I would take them, but if I have to choose, I would choose to go with Madonna.


Q7) Being a model what special attention you give on your diet and grooming ?

Answer – Diet and Grooming are very very important  because image is everything for a model and there are no second chances to make a first impression.

Q8) How do you like to spend your holidays??

Answer – I love spending my holidays travelling around the world and knowing different countries, meet people with different cultures and learn.

Q9) Any message for your Fans??
Answer – I am very thankful to the people giving me their support day by day as it gives me strength and encouragement to never give up!! Thanks!!!

Q10) Any Message For TITAN MALE GODS??
Answer – Thank You for the great deal, I always received from TITAN MALE GODs and all your followers.

Chema Malavia, you are such a gentleman, We are sure MISTER GLOBAL organization will be equally impressed by you as we are, You have all the qualities to stand will the title on the final day of the competition. You are handsome, photogenic, Friendly, very down to earth and Always up to learn new things. You will definitely be a great ambassador of Mister Globe.