Exclusive Interview with Anwesh Sahoo – Mr Gay World India 2016

Very Positive, hardworking and inspirational human being Anwesh Sahoo will Represent India at Mr Gay World 2016.

Following is the conversation we had with him which clearly reflects his dedication towards making a difference.

01) Tell Us something about yourself, Something that Global Pageant Fans would like to know about you.

Answer –  While I’m an engineering student, I’m a true artist at heart. I’m a voracious writer and am obsessed with art in any form, may it be digital art, fashion, or theatre. While I love performing and being on stage, socially sometimes I could be one of the most awkward individuals you would ever come across. Also I love binging on Indian street food, Pani Puri in particular.
Q 02) You are Going to represent India, A country of more than billion people. How does it feels?

Answer – I feel extremely proud to be representing not just the entire country, but more importantly the people of the small towns and villages across India for whom the dream of bringing about a positive difference in their society seems very far-fetched. And the very fact that I’ve been chosen proves how no matter where you come from your dreams too are valid. Most of all I’m very grateful to my mentor Sushant Divgikar, the entire MGWI team, my sponsors Celina Jaitly and her company along with the panelists who have believed in me and have been working so hard on me.
Q 03) How are you preparing for Malta?

Answer – Well there’s obviously the regular grill of maintaining a healthy diet and spending hours in the gym lifting weights to get the desired body. But I also think that the way your lifestyle has been also plays a major role. I always start my day with an infectious positive attitude and then morning yoga if I wake up earlier than usual. I’ve always been into reading to know more about the LGBTQ movement since I came out, so I try and also make sure that I keep up with my habit of reading regularly.
Q 04) Last year Mr Gay India went into hideout and was pressurised to withdraw from the pageant (however he was chosen by a different National Director) Is there any stigma related to this particular pageant in India that made him take the decision? What measures will you take to promote Mr Gay World brand In India?

Answer –  The very fact that a twenty year old today can be elected as the Mr. Gay World India and earn acceptance and support from the entire country goes on to prove the fact that India is a very accepting country and is constantly evolving and keeping up with the changing times. The stigma associated is Universal and we’re all trying our best to define a ‘New Normal’. About the previous Mr. Gay India stepping down, since I wasn’t a part of the MGWI organization then, there’s not much that I can say about why he might have taken the decision he did.
Mr. Gay World is a huge platform for people like me to inspire people with our work, and that’s exactly how people will get to know of Mr. Gay World. Through my campaign which is Fitting out, I have a vision of a much needed transcendence to the concept of individuality where parents aren’t bothered into boxing down there little kids under the labels of perfect men and perfect women but letting them discover themselves first. Gender after all isn’t binary, it’s a spectrum.
Q 05) India have some of very Prominent Beauty Queens. Who is/are your favourite and why?

Answer –  Priyanka Chopra is someone I deeply admire. She’s someone who has challenged traditional beauty norms as well as the characters that people earlier expected women to play with her work in films and on Television. She’s very hard working, in many ways very relatable, a fellow Cancerian and that’s exactly why she’s my favourite.


Mr Gay World India 2016 – Anwesh Sahoo (Photograph by Ara Alexander)

Q 06) It is a general belief of Pageant Community that Indians are ignorant about some Major (Except Miss World and Miss Universe) and Minor pageants. How far do you see it true? Does Mr Gay World also have fate in India?

Answer –  Dia Mirza in the year 2000 won the Miss Asia Pacific title and went on to have one of the most successful careers in Bollywood, perhaps more successful than many Miss Worlds from India. Her success is a proof of how India is very appreciative of great talent and intelligent individuals irrespective of what pageant they’ve come from. There are so many seventeen and eighteen year olds who have come up to me and told me how me winning Mr. Gay World India has inspired them to come out and how they too aspire to be the country’s representatives at Mr. Gay World in the future. With kids coming out in their teens or perhaps before that is a proof of how we have so many people to look forward to in the future who have the potential to be World leaders. With that, Mr. Gay World has a long way to go and a very bright future ahead.
Q 07) what makes a Perfect Mr Gay World?
Answer – The Mr. Gay Worlds we’ve had till date are the true embodiment of resilience, for they’ve all had to face bullying and a lot of hardships in their lives. But they’ve managed to rise out of any such difficulty with their will power and strength. That’s exactly what makes the perfect Mr. Gay World.
Q 08) How confident you are for the pageant?

Answer – I have a lot of faith and belief in the hard work I’ve put in for Mr. Gay World, and deep down I know that I am taking the best of me not just physically but also mentally and when you’re true to your original self, which I surely am, you’re anyway a confident being.
Q 09) Any Message for you fans.

Answer – The person that you see when you look into the mirror should be the one who loves you the most. Love yourself, respect yourself and never dumb yourself for anyone. And with that you’re ready to face life. So play it well!
Q 10) Any Message for TITAN MALE GODs
Answer – Love and adore the page. Scrolling through the page that celebrates not just male beauty but above all diversity already makes it incredible. Totally worth your time! Best Wishes from India and thank you for being so awesome to me.

Anwesh Sahoo you are a very genuine person, eloquent speaker and add substance to your being. We wish you the very best for Mr Gay World. You have a bright future ahead.